Hello, my name is Mow. I am an artist who wants to give people impulses for curiosity so that they find out what they want in life + start working for this purpose to live a fulfilled life.

What I believe

Most of us live their lives like a painting-by-numbers picture: school, education, job, career. Far too many have forgotten how to be curious as a child. In a stressful everyday life, the quiet voice of dissatisfaction keeps appearing. But we don’t know how to respond to these answers + how to pursue our passions and dreams …

The solution is as simple as scary:
Just start being curious.

To find out what we want in life, we have to start being curious again + face our deepest fears. Cause it are our fears + doubts which prevent us from fulfilling our full potential + living the life we desire.

What I do

As an artist of life, I face the world with curiosity, try the unconventional + travel to the borders of my comfort zone, to create my place in this world.

I keep hold of the experiences, whether as songs, videos, films, blog reports, or in the form of talks.

My story

Sometimes it takes time to realize that your big plan A in life is not your own. That’s why I walked on paved roads in the first quarter of my life. Like many others, I lived my life like a painting-by-numbers picture: school, university, internship, job, …

But one question kept stuck in my head: what if …?

I always had one big dream: Being a musician. My father as a role model made me dream of playing guitar from early on. With a guitar, a pen and a lot of paper I started to write my first songs at the age of 12 and got to know my love for music. Since then music as a hobby has been my most faithful companion. Because my father is a musician himself and regularly organizes concerts in his hometown, I was fortunate enough to gain early experience on stage. I repeatedly tested my songs + covers with friends in front of an audience. Together with these friends I quickly formed my first band, which I sadly had to give up due to the beginning of studies. I continued as a solo artist and almost got used to pursuing my dream of being a musician only as a hobby. With a bit of luck, I would eventually turn my hobby into my job. But what if, if not …?

It was time for a new start with my own plan A. Armed with my self-made campervan, a guitar, many songs and a heartbeat of 160 BPM I finally decided to show myself and others that every risk you take ultimately gets you closer to your dreams.

All you have to do is being curious for the unknown.

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