This Time Will Pass

Words can’t describe what happened the last three days.

Imagine days after days with rain until you begin to accept it as part of your reality, when suddenly the clouds disappear and you feel the warmth on your face.

You begin to realize that the sun was there all along. You were just at the wrong place, accepting this as the only reality existing.

In every day life it can quickly get hard to see other realities and realize that it is up to you to make one of them yours.

Nothing is going to happen, if you don’t take action. Soon clouds will appear again. It’s up to you to chase the sun.

No, let me correct myself here. You shouldn’t chance the sun. You should embrace it when it’s in your company.

One fact I learned the last three days is that you will attract the sun to shine at your place, if you embrace it with your heart and your soul.

I’ve been chasing the sun the last weeks. Traveling with my campervan and moving restless from place to place without finding it.

Looking backwards I now understand that it’s because you won’t find happiness – alias the sun – if you search for it. It is impossible to grab on to something that’s not a material thing. What you can do is changing your life and attitude to attract it. This sounds stupidly simple, but it is as easy as that.

The moment I realized that I should let go of running towards happiness and instead began to embrace the moment as it was, was when I met two amazing human beings with whom I now share memories that seem far too unreal to be reality. But they are.

All we did to make those last days so magical was embracing the moment as it was and leaving the barriers of the concept „stranger“ behind.

Far too many things happened the last three days to list them up. And even if I try, I know that this won’t make any sense. Cause as a new good friend of mine told me:

„This time will pass.“

The great as well as the bad ones. The beauty of the moment lies in its transience. Embrace it and let it go if it passes to make space for the new.

Your life can be awesome. Just give it the chance to be.


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